The Last Man on the Moon

7.4 99 min
The 1960s has been an extraordinary time for the United States. Unburdened by post war reparations, Americans were preoccupied with developments such as NASA, the game-changing space programme which put Neil Armstrong to the moon. Yet it had been astronauts like Eugene Cernan who paved the path . An evaluation pilot that lived to court danger, '' he had been recruited along with 14 different men in a process that saw them become the closest of friends and adversaries. In this intensely competitive environment, Cernan was using his second trip additionally being the final lunar mission of NASA , one of 3 men that had been sent to the moon. As he looks back in what he loved and lost from Houston, an life that is incomparably emerges in to perspective. A epic biography which unites the insight of this surviving astronauts with archival footage and other-worldly moonscapes is crafted by director Mark Craig.
Country: N/A
Released: 2016-02-26
Production: N/A
Casts: Eugene Cernan,

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